Why is a tidy house so therapeutic?

Are you happy with the way your home looks? A clean and well-organized home may be able to improve your mental health, while removing clutter, dust, dirt, and debris from your home can improve indoor air quality. At Doulos Cleaning Services, we offer a wide range of professional home cleaning services designed to provide optimal indoor comfort for all of our customers – whether they’re looking for an effective solution to help them achieve their desired results or are simply interested in learning more about how we can help them achieve those results.

Benefits of Organizing

The study found that people who live in clean, orderly environments are more likely to choose healthy snacks, donate money to charity, and select options labeled “classic” or “traditional.” By contrast, those who live in disorderly environments tend to experience boosts in creativity but do not tend to choose more healthy or conscientious options for themselves.

In another study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, those who described their homes as “restorative,” or calming, were less likely to be exhausted and stressed than those who described their homes as “cluttered” or busy. Women were the most likely to be negatively impacted when they had “stressful home scores,” testing with higher levels of cortisol and increased depressed mood throughout the day.

The Psychology of House Cleaning

Even if you prefer to have a little chaos in your living environment, cleaning the house is still an essential part of home ownership and daily upkeep. While the explanations vary, some promising new research shows that having a clean house encourages us to seek new experiences and go out more often, all of which can be helpful in managing negative feelings.

If you want to be more productive, try living in a clean environment. A 2011 study published in The Journal of Neuroscience found that clutter can distract you from your work and make you less productive. Your brain is actually processing the clutter as a distraction, forcing you to correct it or give up on doing anything else. Your subconscious is using up mental resources to process the clutter in your home or work environment and taking up valuable bandwidth for other tasks.